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While many people may think that a recovery program automatically involves an inpatient stay, that’s not always the case. Some recovery programs require attendance during the day but let participants go home at night. Programs like this are referred to as outpatient facilities. Other types of recovery programs include long-term, residential, and extended. Learn how to find the best care at Chandler Drug Treatment Centers by calling (602) 358-2954.

Whether they are in-patient or out-patient, many programs follow the 12-step recovery program model. This program, often referred to as Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, was originally focused on helping people stop using alcohol through God, spirituality, and religion.

While there is more variation in recovery programs today, and the 12 steps can be varied based on the audience, each meeting is confidential and it is expected that all participants will remain anonymous. Many recovery programs follow the AA model, including the assumption that addiction is a continuous healing process that doesn’t resolve just because all 12 steps have been completed.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy? Behavioral Treatment?

Effective drug rehab treatment therapy involves a number of approaches. However, it’s also tailored to meet specific individual needs. The plan is frequently changed and or modified as needed to continue meeting the person’s evolving needs. Behavioral treatment may involve counseling and meetings. These can be done on an individual, group, or family basis.

  • Cognitive / Behavioral – The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to identify any negative and or irrational thought patterns that might influence a person’s behavior and drug use. This therapy aims to break the cycle of negative thinking by teaching the addict positive new behaviors to replace their negative existing ones.
  • Motivational interviewing – Motivational interviewing involves embracing the conflict between the addict and his or her drug use as opposed to challenging the addict. It is a dynamic and purposeful strength-based approach that focuses on the addict’s abilities to change their harmful behaviors.

Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy

  • Art therapy – Art therapy is designed to provide recovering addicts with an effective outlet for their thoughts and feelings. Many times, art therapy allows them to successfully express or convey thoughts or feelings that they otherwise might have kept hidden. In addition, it also gives them a positive new outlet. Common forms of art therapy involve music, drawing, and poetry.
  • Group meetings – Group meetings serve many different purposes. They are a useful way for addicts to surround themselves with others who are going through the same struggles. Group meetings are conducted in a safe environment and may include participants in all stages of recovery. Aside from giving addicts a chance to surround themselves with people who are going through something similar, group meetings also open the door for contacts and support systems outside of the recovery program.
  • Family therapy – During family therapy, the goal is to encourage recovery and fixing previously strained relationships. Family therapy gives family members a chance to discuss how the person’s drug use has negatively affected them while encouraging change and supporting the person in a positive way.

Principles of Effective Treatment

The first step is to acknowledge that while addiction is often complicated, it is treatable. There is no one addiction recovery treatment that is right for everyone, and it will vary depending on the type of drug along with the needs and characteristics of each patient. Drug and alcohol treatment recovery programs needs to be readily available, even after the initial program has ended. It’s important for an addict to remain for an appropriate period of time.

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