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Alcohol rehab, or rehabilitation, is a course of treatment for alcohol dependence and abuse. Alcohol rehab usually begins with a detox to eradicate substances from the body, followed by therapies and then aftercare services. For more information and alcohol rehab treatment options, call Chandler Drug Treatment Centers at (602) 358-2954.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

There are two types of abusers, those who drink on a regular basis and develop tolerance and dependence and those who do not drink every day, but are unable to control themselves once they start. Both types of drinkers would benefit from alcohol rehab.

When a person displays many of the signs of alcohol abuse, as listed below, treatment options should be considered to prevent serious health complications and possibly death:


  • Blackouts occur after heavy drinking
  • Injury to themselves or others


  • Missing or abandoning work or school
  • Risky behavior under the influence (drinking and driving)
  • Arrests and legal issues
  • Loved ones are concerned


  • Despite health problems, drinking continues
  • Weight loss
  • Abdominal soreness
  • Upset stomach and digestive problems
  • Redness in cheeks and nose


  • Cannot quit
  • Cannot control consumption
  • Feelings of guilt

How does Alcohol Abuse Transition to Addiction?

Drinking for a long duration of time will create changes in the brain’s chemistry and structure. In some people, tolerance and dependence can occur with minimal drinking over short time periods. Once these brain changes occur, the person cannot stop drinking and a compulsion to drink develops. Withdrawal syndrome will develop if the individual attempts to decrease or stop drinking on their own.

Does Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Have Any Common Secondary Addictions?


Secondary addictions develop if a person becomes tolerant and takes other substances to enhance the high from they feel. Building a tolerance means larger and more frequent doses to gain the desired effects or abusing other substances to enhance the feelings provided by the alcohol. This behavior can lead to the development of secondary addictions.


Abusers have withdrawal symptoms when levels decrease in the body. They may then take other drugs to relieve these symptoms. Also, when abusers can’t get what their addiction craves, they may turn to other substances or activities to alleviate symptoms. Substances can include drugs, foods, relationships, sex, shopping or gambling.

How is Rehab Useful in Treating Alcoholism?

Alcohol rehab centers begin a comprehensive course of treatment with a medical detox to eliminate harmful substances from the body. A residential treatment program, for a few weeks and possibly a few months is conducted using counseling and therapies.

After alcohol rehab treatment, the person is discharged and relapse prevention (or aftercare) programs begin. Aftercare helps a person transition back into life outside of rehab.

Why Does Alcoholism Often Go Untreated?

Many people are high-functioning even with an addiction. These are people who are actively drinking, but are still functioning at a high level. Their success at functioning leads to their alcoholism going untreated. This type of drinker can socialize and blend into their surroundings. The drinker convinces themselves their drinking is normal by associating with people who drink. These factors lead to many abusers going untreated.

Getting Help

A comprehensive alcohol rehab treatment center with qualified and trained specialists can be the best option to help ward off an addiction. We are glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You or a loved one don’t have to live with this addiction controlling your life. We can help with our addiction recovery programs.

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