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There is a wide variety of addiction recovery treatment approaches based on each addict’s individual needs. When addiction continues to progress to the point of powerlessness, the individual can no longer rationalize with oneself to not use. The drugs have damaged the brain and the user is left with uncontrollable cravings that can only be satisfied by using again and more each time.

Getting past this powerless feeling can get you closer to addiction recovery. With help from a medical staff you can understand what you are experiencing, what is happening to your body and how this has control over you so that you can reach addiction recovery. If you are considering pursuing addiction recovery for your struggles with drugs or alcohol, call Chandler Drug Treatment Centers at (602) 358-2954 to start today.

The Addiction Recovery Process

The first step towards addiction recovery is to admit you are powerless over your disease. It doesn’t matter if your abuse substance is alcohol or drugs, feeling immobilized because of your problem can be overwhelming and frightening. It is self-destructive behavior that will never stop without help.

Once you are in a recovery plan, you’ll go through a detox where you will completely stop using drugs or drinking and your body will cleanse itself from the poisonous toxins you have been using. After detox, one-on-one therapy will help you share your feelings about your condition, what brought you to this point, how long you have been using drugs, why you are continuing to use, and how you have been making your friends and family suffer.

During this critical phase of your recovery program, you want to be completely honest, even if you are afraid or embarrassed. Trained medical staff will not judge you or make you feel bad about your condition. Your entire recovery is completely confidential. You can feel at ease knowing you can share your most intimate thoughts in order to dig deep and uncover all of your addiction problems as well as the aftermath.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

When a person uses drugs, there will be side effects because the body is not accustomed to having narcotics flowing through the central nervous system. Such as is when you eat food that you have never eaten before and you experience heartburn, your body is reacting to this new type of food you consumed. When you use drugs, your body will react accordingly. You’ll experience one or more of these side effects:

  • Flushed face
  • Memory loss and blackouts
  • Antsy
  • Emboldened
  • Excessive trembling
  • Groggy
  • Teeth rotting
  • Reduction of sexual inhibitions
  • Weight loss

When you are battling an addiction, you should quickly realize you are not alone and there is help. By understanding your needs and seeking the best drug and alcohol rehab options to help you overcome your battle with substance abuse, you too can find addiction recovery.

The goal of addiction recovery is to help users not only learn a new way to live, but to better understand it. Learn about the disease and how it affects both the mind and body can help get to the root of the problem and the source. Each individual has a unique story of how their using evolved into the situation that they are in today. Getting to the bottom of that reason can help the user get a better grasp of how to remove the harmful habit from their life.

Many addicts were once in a seemingly hopeless situation and have managed to lead incredible lives that they never thought were possible. These people are living proof that recovery is possible. To join a drug rehab program at Chandler Drug Treatment Centers, call (602) 358-2954 now.

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