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Chandler Drug Treatment Centers (602) 358-2954

Stories about drug overdose deaths are sad and all too common. As drug overdose deaths continue to be a problem in Arizona, Chandler Drug Treatment Centers caution that seeking help before an overdose occurs is the better alternative to hoping for a reversal.  Most accidental overdose victims rarely get the help they need when they stand between life and death.

Although obsessive behavior, impaired judgement and isolation are all indications of addiction, early treatment can halt the progression of this disease. Chandler Drug Treatment Centers provide help for substance abusers at all stages of addiction.

At Chandler Drug Treatment Centers we highly recommend not waiting until addiction has become ingrained to start the recovery process. But whether you are in the advance stages of addiction or have just felt the first twinge of a craving, it is possible to quit with the services offered at Chandler Drug Treatment Centers.

Call (602) 358-2954 for help now.

Steps to Recovery

The first step in overcoming addiction is to recognize and acknowledge that you have a problem. The next step is getting into a treatment program to begin the rehabilitation process.  Contact a drug rehab center as soon as possible to make arrangements to begin the recovery process.

Select the right treatment program based on your level of addiction.  If you have been in addiction for a long time, it may be necessary to participate in a long term treatment program rather than a short 30 day stint at a rehab. Chronic substance abuse cause changes in the brain that are not easily reversed.

Patients who do not allow for sufficient time to address these neurological changes and other underlying issues of addiction may experience a drug relapse which can be even more dangerous after a period of abstinence.  Giving yourself the time it takes to effect the changes necessary to sustain recovery after rehab can be a life-changing decision.

Whether you are currently participating in a drug rehab program or just considering entering one, knowledge is key.  Finding out all you can about the drugs you are taking and the impact it can have on your health and other areas of your life is often a wake-up call.

Most individuals who habitually use drugs are mostly unaware of the chemical composition and potencies of the drugs they are ingesting and the devastating effects these substances can have on the human brain and body.  Many overdose death occur because users unknowingly ingested drug blends such as the deadly heroin and fentanyl mix.

Until you make the decision to enter a treatment program it is best to avoid the “cold turkey” method of halting drug use.  The best approach is to gradually diminish the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume on a regular basis.  Sudden cessation of drug or alcohol consumption can trigger severe withdrawal symptoms especially for people that have been in addiction for an extended period of time.

Patients trying to withdraw from habitual drug use should also have access to medical attention and preferably not be alone. Symptoms of withdrawal can escalate quickly into a life-threatening condition. Chandler Drug Treatment Centers offer inpatient medical detox procedures that entails:

  • Around the clock medical oversight to help stabilize alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms
  • Administer treatment processes and medication that alleviate undue discomfort
  • Assess and relieve emotional and behavioral complications that could lead to a suicide attempt.
  • Mitigate any health risks such as respiratory complications, heart failure, seizures, stroke or coma.

If you are using drugs or alcohol to help you to cope with depression, an unresolved traumatic experience, grief or other stressful situations then you may be dealing with a dual diagnosis condition. It is important to recognize that drugs and alcohol may temporarily alleviate the problem but can lead to addiction and eventually exacerbate the problem.

Chandler Drug Treatment Centers is one of few drug and alcohol rehab facilities that provide dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis is a breakthrough intervention process that provide simultaneously treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Where ever you are in your struggle with addiction, Chandler Drug Treatment Centers will customize a treatment program that is right for you.  We help you to stop drug abuse and empower you with the tools and techniques to achieve and maintain full recovery.

Call Chandler Drug Treatment Centers today at (602) 358-2954 and let us help you take the first step toward freedom from addiction.

About Chandler, AZ

Chandler is a city of 249,146 residents in Maricopa County, in the state of Arizona. Chandler’s close proximity to Phoenix has made it very accessible to drug activity in that area. As such Chandler City leaders have engaged in several initiatives to combat drug abuse such as a federally funded “driving under the influence program” (DUI), a prescription drug take-back day, increase active drug enforcement patrols and recently equipping law officers with Narcan; a drug used to reverse near fatal drug overdose.  Residents and visitors to Chandler have access to its dozens of parks, aquatic centers, cultural, artistic and educational opportunities along with classes, programs and special events for all ages.

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